Saturday, June 5, 2010

Vacation Kansas!

The summer looms ahead of you like a two lane highway cutting a rolling path across the Flint Hills. What to do? Where to go? Your bank account nixes any trips to far off locations. You look around waiting for a passing twister to lift you up and deposit you in Oz but the sky is a clear, deep Kansas blue without a cloud in sight.

How about vacationing in Kansas? You'd be amazed at what the Sunflower State has to offer in sights, sounds and friendly people. You can tour the state on prolonged journeys or take short day/weekend ventures. Chances are good you'll spend a lot less money and surprise yourself in discovering Kansas up close.

So put down those "impossible dream" brochures and thumb through the possibilities listed below. Kansas spreads out before you, a patchwork quilt of festivals, lakes, rodeos, museums, galleries, racing, music and good times.

Official site of the Kansas Travel and Tourism Division, Kansas Department of Commerce. The Division's Tourism site promotes all aspects of Kansas as a place to visit and enjoy providing information on lodging, dining, directions and suggestions on what to pack Some areas of interest:

--Free Publications
(Supply contact information, fill out the online form indicating your specific interests and receive maps and guides on places and activities in Kansas)

--Trip Planner
(Select a time period, your interests and an optional location and this planning tool will assist you in planning your excursion)

--Yellow Brick Road Trips
(A wonderful way to plan a trip or just see what the different regions of Kansas have to offer. Use the map or the menu on the left to select a journey and then print off an itinerary of places to visit. Offers coupons and suggestions on what to pack and mapping your trip)

--Kansas Adventure e-newsletter
("Kansas Adventures is the official Kansas Tourism e-newsletter. Subscribers receive periodic e-mail updates on the latest Kansas travel news, events, festivals, attractions, vacation packages, and special offers")

--Kansas! magazine
(Quarterly magazine with stunning photography and interesting stories of places and people in Kansas)


Kansas Scenic Byways
("Kansas has nine scenic byways, two of which are National Scenic Byways. In addition to being beautiful drives, the byways each have a fascinating history and an abundance of activities to enjoy")

8 Wonders of Kansas
("The purpose of the 8 Wonders series is to help the world get to know Kansas and to encourage the public to explore Kansas")

Historic Tours of Kansas
Kansas State Historical Society
("Plan your trip into Kansas history by choosing a region, theme, highway, or site name. Learn about accomodations for group tours")

Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks
Hunting, fishing, boating, lakes, parks, etc. Be sure to check out the video on the Flint Hills on the main page as well as other Kansas wildlife and Parks videos on YouTube)

Some National Parks Service sites in Kansas
(A short list with links provided by the National Parks Service. A more complete list of national historic landmarks is available from the Kansas State Historical Society)

GeoKansas... Places to Visit
(Photos and descriptions of sites of geologic and other interest in Kansas. Provided by the Kansas Geological Survey. The website also includes a Field Trips page with guidebooks)

Natural Kansas
(Your portal to the many Wildlife Watching opportunities found here in the heart of
the Great Plains of North America)

Kansas Flint Hills
(Discover one of the most underrated natural attractions in the United States)

Kansas Chambers of Commerce
(Check out individual communities in Kansas. A directory of some of the chambers in Kansas. Includes a website when available. Provided by the State Chamber of Commerce)

Article by: Bill Sowers
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